Our first bucharest talks - online dating & RelAtionships

At the end of March, during a warm Friday evening in Bucharest, a few dozens of people were arguing on the most appropriate online dating rules.

Why? Because our first edition of Bucharest Talks focused on the phenomenon of online dating and what it means for the young generation living (and dating) in Bucharest. Even though it's by far not a new topic, it definitely still is a hot one, judging by the number of questions and reactions the talks arose.

This is me opening the event.

This is me opening the event.

Three speakers shared their experiences and opinions, interestingly complementing each other:

  • Ioana Ichim, a creative copywriter, ingeniously presented the typologies she encountered in her years of experiencing with online dating, along with some of the memorable dates she had.

  • Silviu Istrate, also a copywriter, and a local connaisseur of the Internet culture, intrigued us with Dos and Donts — a few rules that would help any beginner in tackling with meeting potential dates online.

  • Finally, the event was wrapped up by Radu Umbreș, an anthropologist who not only put online dating in a larger context, but also explained some of the most instinctive habits both men and women have when it comes to dating.


As always, our event was supported by Catleya Wines, making our debates even more compelling.

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Words by Alexa