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Founded in 2014, A City Made By People is an international network of 20+ cities and local communities of citizens, who like to celebrate liveability in their own city. Through engaging content (online + print) and local programming (speaker events + activities), we’re on a mission: enabling citizens to create a more liveable city together.



Programming & events

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Amsterdam talks #5
How Friendly are the Streets of Amsterdam?

Are the behaviors of our citizens and neighbors changing? We see an overload of cyclists, new use of mobility, locals and tourists coinciding all the time, and the streets in this ‘Dam' city are getting more packed by the minute.

What's your opinion, how do you like moving through the city?

Music x Freedom

We hosted a living-room concert to bask in the sounds of our city. We gathered to discuss and discover, to sing and dance, to understand how music can empower people to break free and take chances.

A City Made By People x Taste Before You Waste ed. #34

This last event of 2018 exceeded our expectations. It was exactly what we are and stand for: bringing together an amazing crowd of Amsterdammers through a food waste dinner and getting to know each-other.


a city made by you - Urban gardening in amsterdam

A City Made By You is our newest series of rolling up the citizens’ sleeves. Our first get together was a success, with committed citizens supporting a community garden.

Want to be involved?


Bucharest Talks - Love in Times of Tinder

We talked about online dating and relationships or ”love in times of Tinder”. Responsible for these engaging talks were this time around: Ioana Ichim, Silviu (Faiăr) Istrate and Radu Umbreș. You were great, guys!


We've explored the urban issue of mental health through the creative lens of 10 photographers in Amsterdam.

Image by Project Sustainable

Image by Project Sustainable

amsterdam talks #4 - How green is amsterdam?

Is Amsterdam Green enough? We see an overload of cyclists, an array of parks, and an overall eco-friendly attitude towards daily life in our city. But as true Amsterdammers, are we going to roll-down our sleeves and say we're "green and done"?

For this event, we've invited three speakers from Amsterdam to share with us the stories and passion behind their Green initiatives, and how they came to be.

Creativity x liveability

What if you bring together the city municipality, brands, and citizens? An evening of discussing liveability in Amsterdam, with fresh perspectives and engagement.


food x loneliness

Amsterdam is full of people - young, old, foreign, local, tall, and short. It has more than 800,000 citizens in it. Why then, do so many of us feel lonely in the city? Let’s recap Made By People Lab’s combat to loneliness through a shared experience: Food x Loneliness.


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