French Living in Little Paris

What do the French appreciate about living in Bucharest? Join Gabriela as she guides you through the French influences of Bucharest!

Published by Gabriela on 18/10/2016

Dâmbovița isn’t close to Seine and next to the l’Arc de Triomphe isn’t any Champs Elysee, but there was a time when you could hear on the boulevards “Bonjour, cherie!” more often than “Bună ziua!”. The French influences on Romanian culture started at mid-XIX century and some say it never stopped since. Architecture-wise, you can spot the influence on your first walk in the city-centre. Food-wise, the things have changed a lot in the last decade, with more and more places with sweets, pastries and great French dishes.

I met Solene Cesbron at MTR on a nice afternoon to talk about her experience in Bucharest. Solene has a beautiful love story: she met a guy at the university in United Kingdom and moved to Romania to marry him and start a family together. Now she works as a graphic designer for a brand agency in Bucharest. I asked her about the French community, the places she enjoys in Bucharest and the education she gives to her children. I discovered a woman who has adapted very well to the new environment, doing her best to share the French know-how were possible and who knows very well how the community expanded in the city. Few examples are below, in the listed places.

Citinerary Bucharest Solene

A couple of weeks later I met with Benjamin Baque for a beer at Energiea. I met him at my previous job, where he was working for the summer. Ben came to Bucharest to study Medicine, but realised that he doesn’t enjoy it as much and he’s looking for something else, this being a place of great opportunities at the moment. He says he has a nice life here for now and he doesn’t plan to move somewhere else very soon. As a student, he discovered lots of places to have fun in the city and to eat sushi (Zen Sushi being one of his favourites). I was a bit surprised to discover the regular places he enjoys are quite similar to the ones Solene likes, so this is how the list below appeared.

Citinerary Bucharest Benjamin

Solene's and Benjamin's list of favourite things in Bucharest:


Pain Plaisir

French revolution



Ici et la


Words by Gabriela

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