Thank You 2018 - Hello 2019

A very Happy New Year to all you city enthusiasts out there. We took a deserved break from a hectic 2018, trying to recharge the battery for an exciting upcoming year ahead. We have lined up a lot of ideas, plans and fun activities for 2019. More to be announced over time, but let’s start with a nice overview of highlights from last year. Enjoy!


New cities joining our network - Hong Kong - Stockholm - Manchester

By Bertha Wang

By Bertha Wang

We still feel grateful for having so many enthusiastic citizens joining our network, without even meeting them in person. They share our beliefs of celebrating those who make our cities more liveable, start hosting local community events and publish stories online. Thank you team

Here some welcome letters to their cities:
Hong Kong by Lesley CheungVicki Wong, Bertha Wang, Hermion Au and Vienna Lee
Stockholm by Kayla Holderbein and Daniela Rossi
Manchester by Craig Taylor


Launch of A City Made By People Issue 3 print journal

Film by Jan Arsenovic

A new year, a new issue, designed in a new format, featuring even more cities than ever before (15 cities and stories): Amsterdam | Bucharest | Chicago | Copenhagen | Hong Kong | London | Madrid | Manchester | Melbourne | Minneapolis | Paris | Seattle | Stockholm | Tokyo | Vancouver.

And we had some amazing launch events in Amsterdam & Hong Kong.

Check out the copy!

Launch in Hong Kong

Launch in Hong Kong


Monthly local community events in Amsterdam & Bucharest

Bucharest speaker event

Bucharest speaker event

The best way to build community and facilitate a dialogue with fellow citizens, is to host monthly events in our cities.

The Bucharest team hosted 4 events, 12 speakers, welcoming roughly 200 attendees.
In Amsterdam, the team of volunteers hosted 10 events, with 30+ speakers, welcoming almost 1000 attendees.

Enjoy a recap of all our past events online

Amsterdam Speaker event/ workshop

Amsterdam Speaker event/ workshop


Experiences & special events

For the first time ever, we also launched experiences and special events, to address various social issues in cities through creativity. Such as:

Loneliness through food


Food Waste through a dinner


56 inspiring stories from our network on the web

From Vancouver to Melbourne, from Tokyo back to Paris, our teams of correspondents across the world published some beautiful stories about the citizens they’ve met in their cities. A total of 56 different stories, ranging from local hero interviews, to neighbourhood portraits, from event features to new findings, what a tremendous effort. A big thanks to all the writers and photographers. Here to some of our favourites:

Copenhagen - Empowering People with Street Sports - GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen
Chicago - Create and Destroy - Meet Chicago Artist Kevin Demski
Vancouver - Nihal Elwan - Creator of Tayybeh
Melbourne - Bridget Mary Chappell, founder of Melbourne music 'Sound School'
Amsterdam - Celebrating Nelson Mandela at a Secret Sunrise
Madrid - The Cultural Beauty of Pantone - Madrid City Guide
Bucharest - Ladies, Wine and Design Bucharest
Paris - How Sainte Trinité Triumphed Over Adversity
Tokyo - Tokyo Coffee Entrepreneur Yuta 'Totz' Totsuka